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Our Mission: 

To help transform entrepeneurs with kids into parentpreneurs.  We do this by giving you the tools & systems you'll need to scale your business, hit your goals, and create the freedom you need to go do your most important job - raise and empower your children!  

Hi I'm Austin, 

In the middle of building an 8-Figure business I became a father.  To say it "rocked my world" is an understatement. 

Overnight, my entire outlook on life changed.  So did my priorities, values, identity and purpose. 

I was no longer just an entrepreneur trying to grow a business; I was a parent, and needed to learn how to grow a little human being too. 

At first, I struggled.  I missed some "firsts", I was constantly stressed, and even when I was there I wasn't present.

Over the next few years, I made it my mission to redefine how I worked, took care of myself & showed up for my kids. 

What I learned was that the systems and tools that allowed me to be the best father possible also allowed me to make more money, grow my businesses, and find more fulfillment and presence in all areas of my life. 

Now, I am dedicated to helping others like me, learn these systems, scale their businesses, and create the freedom they need to go do their most important job. 

Welcome to a new way of entrepreneurship. Welcome to the Parentpreneur Revolution

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What is a Parentpreneur?

We are entrepreneurs, community and business leaders who lead with our values at the forefront of everything that we do. We put Parent in front because we are parents FIRST. 

We reject the notion that we should sacrifice our most important job in pursuit of our second most important job.

We have a duty & responsibility: to our kids, our families, our communities and our country to be the best we can be.  We know this starts at home. 

We understand that our kids, families & businesses are a reflection of us. That reflection is under our control, and we work hard to ensure it reflects what we want to see. 

We commit to leading the way by learning new ways to lead, work, & grow that allow our values to shine through and for us to leave the world in a better place. 

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How we work with Parentpreneurs & Businesses


1:1 Coaching

For leaders and entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses, crush their goals and reclaim their time and freedom. Each coaching engagement is customized to your unique needs

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Group Coaching

For high performing individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations looking for a proven system to increase their income, prepare for entrepreneurship, and level up their lives

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For service-based businesses $0 - 50MM in revenue who are looking for an outside perspective on business challenges including: sales, leadership, hiring, operations. 

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"You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it" - Albert Einstein

What others are saying: 

I thought the relationship with my daughter was done for: too many missed opportunities, too many days of not being there.  Since working with Austin, the relationship with her is deeper than it's ever been. She trusts me and she's now asking ME to spend time with her, something I didn't think I'd see.  I also set strong boundaries at work, got promoted and ended up getting an even better job shortly after the program ended!

-Gerri C. 

My entire life has done a 180 degree turn since working with Austin.  I've quit drinking alcohol completely (100+ days), I've lost 15 lbs, I'm back to playing soccer with my boys, I have become a better leader at home and at work.  I've gotten my finances back in order and I've FINALLY drawn up plans for the business I've been dreaming about.  Austin has held me accountable, pushed me, challenged me, and helped me see things I was missing. 

-Kevin S.

I have 8 client meetings lined up this week, on a holiday week! I'd have 12+ if it was a normal week!  Austin's system works wonders!  My business is getting off the ground thanks to his advice and guidance!  It's literally been night & day since implementing his insights

Thank you!


-Shannon K. 

Austin crossed my path at a critical time in my journey, as one career comes to an end and another begins.  The tools and resources he provided me to, the daily/weekly inventory, the systems I now have in my life have been extremely helpful at a very important time.  Consider me someone you've truly served! Thank you


-Chris J. 

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